Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lime Jello Pear Salad

1large package of lime jello
two cups hot water
l large can of pear halves
cold water
l 8 oz carton of cottage cheese
Dissolve the lime jello in two cups of hot water. Drain the juice from the pear halves into a measuring cup, add cold water to make two cups of liquid. Add to jello, put one third of the jello into a 9x13 pan chill add the cottage cheese to the second 1 third, place the pear halves on the jello in the pan and then add the jello and cottage cheese mixture. Chill the third portion of the lime jello, before it begins to set up whip with an electric mixer, it will become frothy, top the pear and cottage cheese mixture with the frothy mixture.

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  1. Aunt Esther Wollam taught me to make this lime salad about 50 years ago and t is still a good recipe, simple, good and pretty. I cut it into squares with a pear half in the center of each piece to serve it on a leaf of lettuce.