Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homemade liquid laundry soap

You will need a five gallon bucket to mix your ingredients in.
Fels-Naptha soap 1/3 bar  shred the piece of soap as if you were shredding cheese.

A half cup Borax

A half cup of Arm and Hammer washing soda.

Two gallon of water seperated

Bring a half gallon of water to a boiling point, then add the fels-naptha and get it back to a boil.  Once the fels-naptha is completely melted add a half cup borax and a half cup Arm and Hammer washing soda to the mix.

Bring this mixture to a hard boil, watching carefully to prevent burning, for about five minutes.  The mixture will thicken as it boils and you stir it and all the soaps combine together.

Then add the mixture to a gallon and a half of COLD water .

The mixture will start to gel immediately.  Use a hand blender or a drill with a paint mixer to stir the mixture, mix ingredients well .   Let sit about 30 minutes and stir again, really well.

Put the mixture in containers suitable for storing until use.  Each wash load will take about a half cup of tis liquid washing soap.

The mixture may separate and need mixing again before use, shaking the bottle a little with mix the ingredients.

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